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Have you logged in?  Many of our pages require you to log in to gain the full benefit.

Benefits2work is a site designed to support Job seekers in the U.K looking for work. From Redundancy and Benefit issues to Full time Employment, Part Time or  Self Employment there are Public pages and Posts ( Free on registration)  and Members Pages that provide suitable support. Specialist Pages meeting specific needs as you require them.

…Support when its needed:

For many the Job Centre is not a location of choice but a requirement every fortnight. Often a location that doesn’t provide the required answers.

This site aims to provide the options and solutions for those made Redundant. From Claiming Job Seekers Allowance( Contributary or non contributary)to Universal Job Match and other Recruitment web sites.

Watch John Register for Benefits2work and access more info. I show you how simple it is

We offer access levels
Here is a video explaining the different levels and options

So we look forward top providing support at the level you require

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