When arriving in the U.K  E.U migrants have been able to claim Job Seekers Allowance prior to finding Employment and have not required work permits. Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish and other EU Nationals have found employment within the U.K . The EU law changed in 2014 in relation to Bulgarian and Romanian Nationals. DWP ( Department of Work and Pensions) rules have changed due to the Welfare Reform Act. All the politicians of the main parties are keen for the E.U to change the laws in relation to E.U migrants

Since 2010 it has been possible for East European ( E.U )workers to work in the U.K

Polish has become a recognized language.

To claim Job Seekers Allowance the claiment has to satisfy the DWP requirements of the Habitual Residency Test.

When contacting DWP  E.U migrants can access the Big One to obtain translation Support.

We provide services to Job Seekers to improve Employment options and DWP decision undertanding in our Members pages

We have recently posted several items in relation to E.U Migration as well as Migration from outside of the E.U so that members can see the difference on the volumes of potential working groups . All the stats indicate that most E.U workers are keen to find work and as a site benefits2work are keen to provide information to support this

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