Social Housing is a massive issue as featured in this Panorama documentary. The waiting list far exceeds the demand. Private landlords are thriving. Councils are becoming like agents. Havering Council is such an example. But temporary accomodation is a massive issue and the Stats highlight this issue. In London the Issue is worse. In London the Council's look at moving people to outside of London West Midlands etc. Often Private Accomodation in these categories may often suffer from Damp as featured within the documentary The Benefit cap is highlighted by the Newham and Stoke issue
 The DWP stats on Benefit Cap Highlight the issue.London outstrips the remainder of the Country very clearly

The CAP per region highlights the issue we can see here how the figures rise and to the levels they rose to. We alse see the regional differences

It is clear that the CAP has had a direct effect On the London and South East This is born out on all the Media productions.The conclusion has to be that those on low incomes, Zero hour contract, part time workers face an uncertain future unless Housing options for low income earners are tackled. Temporary Accomodation soon becomes long term accomodation

Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn sums up the issue well and leaves us with something to consider for the New Year and the future General Election
What is your M.P saying

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