Thousands of people on universal credit will not be paid over the festive season or will get a reduced payment, the BBC Moneybox show has highlighted.
Those hit will be some of the 67,000 people who claim the benefit while working and who are paid weekly.
This is because there are five paydays in December, so their monthly income will be deemed too high to qualify for the benefit. Some will have to reapply.

If you’re paid monthly by your employer on the same date each month, you will get one payment of earnings within a Universal Credit assessment period.

As long as your earnings and personal circumstances stay the same, then your Universal Credit payments should stay the same.

If your income changes from month to month then your Universal Credit payment will change to reflect that – giving you flexibility to take on additional work when possible.

If you take on additional work and earn enough to no longer get Universal Credit you will be notified of this. Should your earnings reduce in the following months you will need to re-apply – although the process will be quicker as we will have most of your details to hand.

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