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Vacancies and Employment- Job search. 2015 sees Benefits2work  launch a Vacancies Board- or Rather a Job Board.

This video highlights how our we are able to add a vacancy to the site. It enables our Business users the options of providing a good deal of information in their adverts including web link and photos

We are keen to advertise to U.K users

However we are also keen to ensure that the Job Seeker and the Employer have a good experience and thus welcome feedback.

Job Board

The Site is accepting Vacancy Postings from companies to support U.K Job seekers. Our web site includes work as part of its title so having the options for Business Users being able to promote vacancies having options to promote their vacancies has to be important .

We are Testing out a number of Job Boards out to find out exactly what you the user ( Job Seeker) and (Employer) would like to see and use.

Firstly out Job Centre Ap

This Search option provides information directly of Direct Gov Database.

Search for a job

Finally Job Board ( BETA TESTING)

Job Board is allowing us as you can see from the video a good deal of functionality for Recruiters and Employers

We can provide a good advert with Photos, Videos and alot more very specific information.

We can share some Jobs with Just our Benefits2work Members

Recruiter / Employers

Recruiter/ employers can have access to a lot of key information to assist in making the correct decision for their companies. Here at Benefits2work we want to work with you to find the right employee

Job Seekers

For Job seekers we are able to provide you with access to Jobs that non members may not see. Increasing your Job Search options